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The state of the fair…

Thursday, October 7th, 2010

Big-tex-1956When I was a kid, I loved going to the State Fair of Texas. ( “Fair Day” is an unofficial state holiday in Texas, along with 1. the start of football season; and, 2. the start of deer season. ) There was nothing better than riding the Yellow Dog with the other members of the Hico chapter of the Future Farmers of America to Dallas for the fair. We were supposed to spend most of our time at the livestock judging competition. But, face it, watching the crowning of the grand Champion duroc boar hog paled in comparison to strolling down the midway.

The midway was home to the games of chance and the carnies and the crappy food and rides that could kill an entire family and freak shows and an array of sights and sounds and smells that were almost intoxicating. There was also a bit of fear factor, too, that made the blood rush, when walking through the midway. It was rumored that there were pick pocketers everywhere and that the only way to keep a pick pocketer from picking ones pockets was to put your wallet in the front pocket upon entering the gates. I guess pick pocketers weren’t versed in frontal pocket picking, thank goodness, making it safe to carry ones valuables (particularly coupons) ONLY in the safety of the front pockets of ones Levis. Also, at the far end of the midway were “girlie” shows. In order to watch the belly dancers, one had to be 21. At 15 years old, there was no way I could get past the barker, even when I tired to bribe him with all the coupons I had in my front pocket. But I tried like hell!

Plus, I would always seem to lose my friends once or twice during the day, which forced me to wander Fair Park alone. I was scary to be alone at that age, even for s short time. Rumors also abounded which centered around young boys being sold to carnival workers and forced to run the ring toss and bottle games. Scary stuff.

But things aren’t the same at the State Fair, as I discovered on my recent return to Fair Park.

For starters, it’s not dirty and trashy. I walked through the entire length of the midway with nary one mustard-ladened corn dog wrapper stuck to the bottom of my shoe. Not one carney harrassed me. Is there now some kinda city ordinance banning carney harrassment? Upon inspection of the rides, not one was looked dangerous enough to die on if/when a pin came out of gear box. There are no girlie shows either. Dang. And freak shows, I am told, are not politically correct anymore.

Still, I enjoyed a corn dog and deep fried frito pie. I am going back to the fair again this Saturday to watch my beloved Texas Tech Red Raiders play Baylor, in a game of football in the Cotten Bowl. From what I hear, the men’s room still features “pee troughs”. Nothing like peeing in a trough while a bunch of drunks threaten to throw you in, if you don’t hurry up.

Ahh, the good old days….

Let’s play Man Men and Clients, Daddy….

Thursday, March 11th, 2010’s the Barbie “Mad Men” collector dolls.  That’s right, your favorite ad men as dolls, all dressed up ands ready to go to a client meeting!  Now, what we need  are Barbie “Client” collector dolls…then the kids can play Mad Men and Clients. It’ll be fun. Kids can pretend to be clients by doing really mean things to the Mad Men. And before you can say “Social Media”  the Mad Men will be living in the abandoned Barbie House down in the basement, naked. It’s agency fun for everyone!

“6″ is a perfect 10….

Wednesday, March 10th, 2010

I’m a lucky guy. Over the years, I’ve played basketball with Michael Jordan, swapped dirty jokes with Larry Bird,  rode in a jeep with the President of the United States, sang with Garth Brooks, danced with the Black Eyed Peas and hugged Cindy Crawford (a little too long, I was told!) But I gotta tellya,  that few things have ever brought me more pleasure than working with Jeff Bednarz and Jack Waldrip on the short documentary, “6″.

I’m serious. Though, hugging Cindy WAS pretty sweet.

It was a helluva lot of fun! No clients, no script.  A pickup full of cameras and a great idea waiting to be put on film! Along the way, we ate chicken fried steak at Mary’s in Strawn, drove through the Waggoner Ranch, met some great storytellers up in Follett, watched the sun come up on a cold December morning in the Panhandle,  and alot spent time with my friend, Jeff Bednarz.

Bednarz and the folks at Directorz are terrific.  I love working them.  Jeff and I have done some pretty amazing stuff over the years. I particularly enjoyed chasing Lance Armstrong across Iowa…he on bycycle, us in the back of pickup. Me, hollering, “Peddle harder, you pussy!” Jeff, laughing his ass off. You can see that video at video at!

But “6″ was even more special than the Lance video, since it dealt with three of my favorite things…small Texas towns, six-man football and film making.  I remember the first time, I saw Jack Waldrips’ rough cut. I cried. I finally had helped make something that I was extremely proud of.  ”6″ is basically the story of Follett and Strawn, two small towns from different parts of Texas, that are playing in the Six-Man State Championship game. But it is much more than that! It is also the story of the importance of high school athletics to these small towns. As the mayor os Strawn said, “Once you lose your school and your bank, it’s a ghost town.” You also get to know the coaches and the kids that make up the teams. These are men and boys who  truly play for the love the game. I love the last line of the movie.  Jeff Jeff asks a player from Follett what he will miss most about playing football, he said, “being in the light.” Beautiful!

Thanks again to Jeff and Jack, two of the best anywhere. Can’t wait to do it again…soon.

PS: This weekend “6″ will premier at SXSW at the Alamo Theatre. I can’t make it because tickets are $300 each and being the cheap so-and-so that I am, I will take a pass on it. I tried to get producer Jeremy Besser to spring for  the ducats but he is even cheaper than me. He said no. Have fun guys…

Tang you very much!

Friday, March 5th, 2010

TangI loved drinking Tang when I was a kid. It was a treat. Kool-Aid was our primary source of liquid refreshment. Grape and cherry were the hands down favorites. But, on special occasions, we’d get a glass of Tang…usually for breakfast. It was afterall, what the “astronauts drank on the way to the moon.” So, I guess it was ok for a me and my brother to drink it on our way to school.

This morning I was reading about the greatest Baby Boomer brands. Being a member of the Boomer Generation, I agreed with the writer UNTIL I realized Tang was not on the list. Dang! No Tang!

For some reason, I decided to do a little research about Tang. I like knowing odd ball things which I can use at a party to strike up a converstion with total strangers. “I was just reading the other day about Tang,”…

Here is something I wish I hadn’t read…and I quote, “lime and rust deposits often build up on the insides of dishwashers and pipes…citric acid will take off those lime and rust deposits…for a deliciously hands-off method, fill the detergent reservoir with the old-school drink Tang…the run your dishwasher through the cycle…no more sleepless nights freting about the inside condition of your dishwasher.”

I have a lot on my mind these days, starting an agency, getting kids through college, health care reform. But at least I know one thing for sure, when I am tossing and turning at night, it won’t be because I am freting about the inside condition of my dishwasher or colon. Thanks to Tang, both are obviously free and clear of rust and lime buildup.