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Cropped out again!!!!

Thursday, July 15th, 2010

PH2010071405765History repeated itself!

In l987 I traveled to the White House to receive an award from President Ronald Reagan for the safety belt campaign that featured crash-test dummies Vince and Larry. I was presented a Silver Bell from the President for bringing attention and awareness to the importance of buckling up.

It was a huge honor.

After the ceremony, we were lined up for a picture. Everyone jockeyed for position to be close to Mr. Reagan. In the mellee that ensued, I was shoved to the side. I will never forget seeing the photo on the cover of the Ad trades, the Washington Post and Chicago Tribune. I was CROPPED OUT OF THE PICTURE!!!! All that was pictured in the picture, was my left shoulder. There was the President, Secretary of Transportation Elizabeth Dole, Ad council member Ed Ney, my boss Ted Bell, and Vince and Larry! But no Ferg! The guy who was being honored was not in the picture. I was cropped out of the most important picture of my life. I was devastated.

Well, it happened again!

Following Wednesday’s induction of Vince and Larry into the Smithsonian, we were asked to line up for pictures. I looked online for a photo in the Washington Post. Much to my surprise, there’s director Bill Dear, my old partner Joe Machack, the former secretary of Transportation Norman Mineta, Vince and Larry, and my right shoulder.

I got cropped out again!

I will write more about the induction ceremony, but right now. I feel like CROP!

We learned a lot from two dummies…

Friday, July 9th, 2010

larryThe idea was simple: use crash test dummies with a morbid sense of humor as “spokesdummies’ to get people to buckle up their safety belt. The campaign eventually became the second most successful Ad Council effort, only behind Smokey the Bear.

Not only did we produced over 50 TV spots, we did equally as many radio commercials, posters, newspaper and print ads, and even a rap song! There were also toys and halloween costumes. Talk about total integration! I just wish Al Gore hadn’t waited so long to invent the internet. I can only imagine the fun we’d had with the online videos! Facebook would have been a natural, too

Unfortunately, Vince and Larry have been “retired”. Not because of old age but because, quite frankly, the campaign worked so well. When we started the project only two states had mandatory safety belt laws. Now, all 50 states have a mandatory law on the books!

On Tuesday, Vince and Larry will be placed into the Smithsonian, which probably beats the hell out of retiring in Florida.

SIDENOTE: Every year “icons” are voted into the Advertising Week HOF. It would be nice if Vince and Larry as well as their old pal, Smokey, were voted in. Last year, the AOL “running man” was inducted primarily because the employees at AOL “block voted”. Since the Ad Council doesn’t have a bevy of employees like AOL or other big companies, it is very difficult for their incons to recieve enough votes for induction. I promised Peggy Conlon of the Ad Council that would change this year!