It’s Party Time…

Our biggest one shows up!

Our biggest one shows up!

Years ago I decided to throw a party. I invited all my friends. I spent a bunch of money on food and beverages. Then, a funny thing happened…no one, and I do mean NO ONE, showed up. 50 people took the time to RSVP, but no one took the time to show up. I will never forgot sitting in front of TV eating a bucket of guacamole, three pounds of shrimp and a few dozen hotdogs…alone. I cursed my friends until I finally OD’d on homemade ice cream and almost died…

For the past seven years, my brother Mike and I have staged an event called the Hico Six-Man Super Saturday. Ten of the best six-man high school footballs travel to our hometown of Hico for a day-long celebration of football. The teams travel from as far away at Follett and as near as Walnut Springs to participate. From what the coaches say, it has become a very big deal to be invited to the Hico Six-Man Super Saturday. Ten teams, five games, one field. The first game kicks off at 10 a.m., the last one around 7 p.m. We have great national sponsors like Rotel/Velveeta, the NFL, Nike, the Dallas Cowboys, Xenith Helmets, as well lots of local sponsors. Over 200 volunteers put on their “7th Man” shirts and pitch in to work. Talk about a team effort. It is a huge undertaking.

We have over 4,000 show up for it. But that doesn’t stop us from worrying…what if no one comes this year!

So each year we try to add a new wrinkle. First, it was celebrities. So we asked three former NFL stars to join us, Jack Pardee, Walt Garrison, Burton Lawless. They did. And they’ve been donating their time ever since. They love coming and we love having them. The celebrities begat the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders. Our friend Stephen Jones sends two unsuspecting cheergals down where they are mobbed by adoring fans! One year, the Air Force delivered the game ball in a helicopter! We set up games for the kids. Local cattleman Barry Christiann even slaughters a couple of his prize-winning Angus steers so that we can serve the best burgers you’ll ever taste. This year, my partner Jake Schroepfer came up with another idea…bring in a JumboTron TV. So we are. The good folks at GoVision will be bringing down the World’s Largest Portable Big Screen HD TV….33′ long by 18 feet high. I can’t wait!

(Check out our Facebook page Hico Six-Man Super Saturday or log onto, to learn more about the event.)

So if you are thinking about a road trip this weekend, drive down to Hico and spend the day at the Hico Six-Man Super Saturday.

The more the merrier!

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