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ATT snowboarder spot wins gold medal…

Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010

I am not a big fan of the Olympics. I really haven’t watched it since “Eddie the Eagle” flew off into the sunset.

But for some reason. This year was different. I actually tuned it in. I guess I was bored after watching  the same  episode of “Hoarders” for the 100th time. I liked Apollo Ono. I am thinking about wearing a beret! I liked watching the hockey finals, the U.S. vs Canada. (But, its hard to hate the Canadians the way we all hated the Russians back in 1980. I still choke up when I hear Al Michaels scream, “Do you believe in miracles?” ) But I still hated to see us lose. Call it national pride, if you will. The figure skaters as always were gorgeous, even the men. I liked Lindsay, the skier, but what guy doesn’t!

I also liked many of the Olympic commercials, particularly the ATT snow boarder spot. Great idea, executed flawlessly. The shot of the snowboader going through the clouds was sensational. Take a look. Hopefully, you’ll agree that this spot deserves a gold medal!

Quite frankly, the Olympic spots were so much better than the Super Bowls. For one primary reason, they were tasteful. Thank goodness there weren’t any Doritos advertising within a mile of Vancouver!

A few years ago, Bob created spots for McDonald’s that were named the best sports in the Summer Games by the New York Times and USAToday. The “100-yard dash” and  ”Mini Marathon” are both classics Olympic spots! You can find them at our website

Hopefully, the Oscars this Sunday will have a spot or two that will be just as tasteful and elegant, as the ones I have mentioned. I know anything will beat the movies that are up for Best Picture.