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Remembering Pop and Joe Ebdon…

Friday, February 26th, 2010

Got a call this morning from Joe Ebdon. For those who don’t remember, Joe Ebdon and his father Pop Ebdon starred in an Oldsmobile commercial that Bob and I did back in 1989, with the remarkably talented Don Guy at the directing helm. It was part of the “This is not your father’s Oldsmobile” campaign.

The spot won a bronze Lion at Cannes. It featured Joe (then 71, now 91) and Pop (100). Pop talked about this not being like any Oldsmobile he’d ever seen before, while  his boy Joe tooled around in the Cutlass Supreme,  followed  at the end by a bunch of girls. It was quite a hit and quite different from the other Oldsmobile spots that featured sons and daughters of celebrities…such as the off springs of Harry Belafonte, Elvis and Priscilla Pressley, Williams Shatner, etc.

Sadly, I learned today that, Pop passed away a few years ago, but Joe is still doing great at 91. Joe moved from Florida and now lives in California about 10 minutes from his son. He had become quite the local celebrity after the spot ran and was approached for his autograph on more than one occasion.

I promised Joe that when he makes it to 100, we will find a way to use him in a commercial with his son. He liked that!

Keep in touch Joe and we’ll see you in nine years!