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Nike jumps on bandwagon…

Monday, November 24th, 2008

I have always had a fascination about Six-Man football since I was a kid.

I never played the game, since I came from a high school with more than enough boys to scrounge up an eleven-man team. But they played this unique form of football in some of the small towns that surrounded Hico…Iredell, Cranfills Gap, Jonesboro, Walnut Springs and Zephyr.

A few years ago, my brother Mike and I decided it was time to celebrate six-man football. Why? I still don’t know. It just seemed like a good idea at the time. So we started an event called the Hico Six-Man Super Saturday (  The event has grown into a day-long event that attracts more than 6,000 rabid fans to my hometown.  In the past, our sponsors have included corporate sponsors like Dr. Pepper and AT&T.

Last August, Nike took a liking to the event and signed up with us  to sponsor the “Biggest Day for the Small Schools” for a couple of years. Not only that, but last week, the boys from Beaverton, put up their first six-man blog on, written by yours truly.

By the way, I think this photo by Scott Harben sums up everything that is so wonderful about small-town high school football. Not only do you have to play football, but at halftme, you also have to march in the band.

On(networks) with the show…

Wednesday, November 12th, 2008

I started working with Kip McClanahan at last year. From the second I met him, I was caught up in his world wide web. What I enjoy most about Kip is his love for big ideas. He is a big thinker. I like big thinkers. We are a great

Once we were talking about how to drive more viewers to On Networks. A few days later, while driving to Austin for a meeting with Kip, I had a thought…David Lynch. If we could convince one of the greatest filmmakers of this generation to produce exclusive content for On, then we’d be onto something BIG. “Only On on” can you see the latest work of David Lynch.

Kip instantly saw the Big Idea.

A meeting was set up and before you could say, “don’t look at me!”, Kip and I were sitting in LA with the American Film icon, Mr. Eraserhead himself, David Lynch. Never have I met a more gracious, articulate man. He signed a poster for my daughter. And took a couple of pictures with Kip and I. We talked for two hours.  It’s great when you meet a hero and they live up to your expectation.  David Lynch is a great guy, unlike a lot of other “stars” I have met over the years.

Now, David Lynch is a part of Onnetworks.

I like it when ideas comes to life.

I like clients/friends/thinkers like Kip. He makes business fun.

A legendary ad for JimBob_Dallas…

Friday, November 7th, 2008

Jerry and George welcome jimbobkrause to the Legends team
The halls of JimBob_Dallas are abuzz! The air is almost electric, in its feel.

We’re excited!

The very first ad ever produced by JimBob_Dallas ran last week. For us, it’s a big deal. A very big deal, indeed.

Unless you subscribe to Smith and Street’s Sports Business Journal, you won’t see the ad. But there on the back inside cover is our ad for Legends Hospitality Management. Headline reads: Now There’s a Team Dedicated To The Fans. Good headline. The copy (which I still love to write) talks about the formation of a different kind of sports services company. One that’s “all about the fans”.  If you are a sports fan, you probably heard about it on ESPN. It’s a business venture between the Dallas Cowboys and the New York Yankees. Jerry Jones and George Steinbrenner.

I think I will laminate it.

I can still remember the first ad I ever wrote. It was for Safety Mark Road Paint. This little company out of Temple, TX manufactured road paint. Not just any kinda road paint but epoxy-based road paint that lasted four times longer than any other road paint on the market.  Headline: This Isn’t Just Another Middle of the Road Paint. It ran in Rural and Urban Roads Magazine. Won a Clio.

I was excited when I saw it in the magazine for the first time.

Yesterday, twenty five years after my first ad ran, I got that same rush again.

I’m excited.